Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It's hard for me to be totally unbiased about a compilation that I was not only really looking forward to receiving and listening to, but also featuring 4 bands that I really dig. Well here goes, Underdog Morsels vol.1: Random Chaos Refreshes Routine: AFS warm up the speakers with their 'Protest Song', a true Underdog punk rock chant that brings a warm smile to your heart. Very much reminiscent of one of my favourite of their songs, and not poppy like some (which for me is a big fat plus). Basically a nice solid dirty UK punk anthem that you can pocket and bring with you wherever life takes you. Check these guys out where ever you can, they won't disappoint.

Next up are the Desponsdents, getting you out of your chair for 'Got Nothing To Lose'. Again, not their best song, but not bad by a long shot. Reminds me of old rock'n'roll trash-garage that used to knock about something like 10-15 years ago, so not exactly my cup of tea, but I would by no means throw it out of the cd-player in disgust. A nice punchy song with a lot of thought and good ol' rock'n'roll in it that I appreciate with my ears.

What can I say about Citizen Keyne that hasn't been said? Probably very little. In my eyes they are one of UK's great modern punk bands, taking you back to simpler days without a lot of the pretentious shite that sometimes follows. 'Punk Not Fashion' is a message that I can't repeat enough, and a song I can listen to plenty - if there was any doubt, this song really seals the deal of this being an Underdog compilation. I'm no Shakespeare, so if you don't know Citizen Keyne then you're probably reading these words by accident or you were stuck in suspended animation for the last 7 years. Go, find, see and listen to them!

xHarold Shitmanx have been on my top play list for over a year. I own a t-shirt. For a band that I've never seen live (because they're based up in Scotland) this means that I like them, quite a bit. The previous recording of this song 'False Hardcore Creates Rapist's was better, but there's little difference, it's still a blinding song. This is everything that I look for in grind (or power violence as the yanks call it). It's incredibly fast, slightly daft, and satisfies all 5 senses at once, leaving you needing to unload your bowels shortly after. The split with Wheelchair x4 (another of my favourites and who they're touring with in summer '11) is a must for anyone that vaguely enjoys this track.

Basically, as you might have guessed, this short comp not only lives up to it's name, but delivers 110% of the goods in a mere 4 songs, allowing you to escape from your shells to go out into the world and figure out the rest... 4 solid bands, 4 solid tracks, 1 solid comp and one happy me.

- This review is courtesy of Alex (of Oiz II Men fame) and Underdog Morsels Volume one is available HERE