Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bangers - Small Pleasures

There's a brand spanking new album from Cornish Punk royalty, Bangers. They've rather kindly stuck the thing up for download on their bandcamp page either for free or a donation should you feel like giving them something for producing yet another corker of an album.

If you get the chance to see Bangers live then I thoroughly recommend you do. I was lucky enough to catch them playing at the Cavern in Exeter and they tore the roof off the place - lovely guys too.

This new release really is throwing the gauntlet down to any would be pretenders to their throne at the top of the Punk circuit. Although it's not quite as in your face as Dude Trips was it's a great album that certainly owes more than a nod to those Punks the other side of the pond.

Oh and 'Geeks and Paedophiles' is quite possibly the best song title I've heard for a long time...