We Are The ICM - Literally... It's Us

This is The ICM. Pretty much... As of right now anyway.

Dan Impossible - Booker/Promoter/Blogger. Will write nob gags for meals. Check out his literary efforts over at Dan Impossible Must Be Destroyed!

Nicola McConnell does the design stuff. The flyers and the 'zine and the CD covers and the... you get the idea. She makes stuff too and you should buy some because it's all smashing and will make you instantly more popular. You can find it at More Brains, Vicar?

Violet Moore - Monies, Entrance and drives about the place. Oftentimes the glue that holds stuff together. Does design stuff too. Mostly involving doodling on glassware at ViDo Designs. 

Alex 'Oiz' Lyng - Not technically in the ICM but does so much that he may as well be. You can hear him in Oiz II Men

Paula Johnson - Host of Watford Hospital Radio's Sunday night show. Does the complicated stuff that Dan fails at.