Thursday, 5 May 2011

News and Upcoming Gigs

Firstly, we're still waiting for the review of the ICM/Choke On This: Punk 4 the Homeless all-dayer to come in - for a change it's not me writing it. In the meantime here's a look at some other stuff...

First up, the NME (groan) are actually doing something worthwhile and are currently on the hunt for Britain's best small venue - 'small' being less than 500 capacity. Venues such as The Horns (St Albans) and Esquires (Bedford) are amongst the contenders. Go vote for your favourite small venue HERE

Here's a round-up of what the ICM has in store for you over the next couple of months you lucky, lucky people!

May see's the ICM doing something a little different... A night of pure, unadulterated ROCK! Oh yes, we'll be sporting tight jeans and growing our hair long for this one. May 21st at the Flag. Details HERE

June is set to be a sweet month with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Alan coming to play the ICM for the first time. And they're bringing Claypigeon with them! Oh yes, for all those of you that didn't brave the cold last time they visited Watford now is your chance to see what you missed... And, if that wasn't quite enough for you, they'll be joined by My Third Leg and Panic Dance!

Details for that show are HERE

Next up, the ICM are finally getting into Hitchin to put a night on at Club 85. We've been looking for a good opportunity to take our show onto that particular road and now we have one: The ICM/Rubix Tube Productions at Club 85 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. And are we taking a sick line-up with us? Of course we are...

A Major Motion Picture, Attention Thieves, Saving Sebastian, Relentless In Love, Shadow Factory, Skycolouredperfect and Echo Rain will be playing in what is destined to be an awesome night - and all for a great cause.

July 30th we are back at the Flag with more great bands! This time we are proud to present The Casket Hecklers, Public Disgrace and Death Radio! We're waiting for confirmation from our 4th band at the moment but we promise this is going to be a messy night. Details for that show are HERE

In other news, look out for releases from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Mike Scott (Phinius Gage) over the next few days.

We've got a shit load more news for you but this post is epic so I'll wrap it up here and get back to you with the rest soon.