Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Noise... And Skating With A Social Conscience

Couple of things for you today - first up, a quick break from the noise to mention the guys over at Iron Column Skateboards who have a very different take on running a skate company - these guys are politically and socially aware, they know their shit and they make awesome stuff... available HERE

In their own words: 'From a love of British Skateboarding, Art, Hardcore, and the DIY ethics that come with all of these, four guys have come together to create and run a non profit skateboard company, that gives something back to it's origins.' - What's not to like about these guys? They're like the ICM on wheels.

Check out the guys site and buy yourself one of their awesome Black Flag inspired T's.

Next up, for those of you looking to take a break from Punk for a while, let me recommend Brighton based, Pink Narcissus. Crossing genres like there weren't any to start with and sounding like the bastard offspring of a three-way between Janes Addiction, The Velvet Underground and Gogol Bordello - but with some definite punk and cabaret elements thrown in for good measure, these guys ooze class in every track. This is the music they play in those clubs you've never quite been brave enough to venture inside.

Check out the video for Disinfectant below: