Thursday, 24 March 2011

Punk 4 the Homeless & Eagle

In an age where a bands popularity is based on the quality of their haircuts and where writing more than one song with any sort of meaning puts a release into the stigma-heavy catagory of 'concept album', it's reassuring to know that somewhere, deep in Lincolnshire, there is a man with a plan to change the world through words and music.

Eagle is the man behind the charity Punk 4 the Homeless, a charity that we have worked with on a number of occasions to help raise both money and awareness for Casa Alianza, an organisation that helps street kids in South America. Punk 4 the Homeless, as the name suggests, uses Punk music to promote a positive message for change. It's unsuprising to learn that Eagle himself is in a number of acts that capture both the sound and the sentiment of his charity's namesake.

Check out Punk 4 the Homeless HERE and find out about the ICM/Choke On This Presents: Punk 4 the Homeless All-dayer HERE

'Punk poetry' – to many may be an oxymoron. With Punk's image being that of the uneducated and the uncaring it's not difficult to understand why but the truth is far different. For whilst the abrasive nature of the music itself may not appeal to all, there is still a profound beauty in truth and amidst the hectic guitars by Eagle's band SPOG (Starting Point of Genocide), there is more truth about society than you're likely to find in a lifetime of listening to commercial radio.

The same lyrical values can be found in Eagles less frantic, and altogether more mature sounding band, Creepy Cool And The Poor Geezers. With their country and blues influences this band have an altogether more relaxed approach to expressing their feelings towards the state of things but never once becoming twee, as many country sounding acts are prone to doing.

It's the words of Eagle himself that run through the veins of these bands, his delivery forcing the listener to pay attention and rethink the way they see the world. And that's what 'Punk Poetry' is all about, expressing an emotive state through rythmic language so as to fully allow those listening to understand it. There are no metaphors here, no flowery language to confuse or to allow for interpretation – this is the truth as expressed by a man that knows it, has seen it and, most of all wants to change it.

To see Eagle Spits, the name he performs his poetry under, is to do more than simply see a poet reciting his latest work - it's a chance to learn about those things people avoid for comforts sake. It's a chance to relive the spirited times of Punk Rock and to experience them for the first time should you not be old enough to recall them. Most of all though, it's a chance to hear how one man is trying, and with good cause and better intentions, to change the word through words and music.