Tuesday, 22 March 2011

We Had A Birthday!

So, March 19th saw the ICM passing the year mark - it's true, we've been putting on gigs and making CD's and generally poking around in the world of unsigned music for a year. And what a year it's been.

From our very first gig where we thought nobody would turn up to our 2nd appearance at the recently shut down Gaff, where next to nobody did, from the 2 stages of the first charity show to the Christmas Eve busk-off for the Peace Hospice, we've had a very busy twelve months.

There are more people to thank for the last 12 months than I could remember and that you would want to take the time reading about but to everyone that's ever helped us out at a show, donated a track for a compilation, come and danced, played or got drunk at a gig or simply said something nice about us and helped the love for what we do - we are grateful.

The ICM has always been one of those 'labour of love' type projects. We've never made a fortune but we'd like to think we've helped people know about some amazing bands they may never have heard before and that's really why we do this. We've met a lot of fantastic people, made some great friends and had some good times. Not bad for a years work, I think you'll agree.

Come celebrate with us if you will on Friday night at The Flag, where it all began. We have 4 amazing Ska/Ska Punk bands on for your enjoyment and Two-Tone playing all night!

News and stuff...

Our mate Adem (of Panic Dance fame) has only gone and made himself a music video - and a very good one at that. Check out the video... erm, here actually as it's posted just under this writing.

And finally...

The ICM are proud to make their second appearance on Studs and Punks - once again in the review section and, once more for a charity compilation. This time the legend that is Woodstock has reviewed the first volume of the Punk 4 Japan 'donate to download' compilation. You can read the kind words about this volume HERE.

Thanks to everyone that's been downloading the compilation - Volume 3 is on it's way and we've raised £400 already to help those affected by the tsunami.

So, thank you all again. And here's to the next 12 months!