Sunday, 16 May 2010

Non-Free Goodness.

Some stuff you might already know - Some stuff you might not.

The Blissetts take a swipe at those people in power with their new single 'Liars, Cheats, Thieves And Politicians'. If you haven't heard the Blissetts before then go and do so now. I'll wait here. Finished? Good. Their old school approach to punk is ballsy, basic and bloody good fun. And they are top fellows too so go and download the single from HERE

The King Blues have got a new single out as well. It's called 'Headbutt' And I'm far less excited about it than I should be. I used to have mixed feelings about them - now my feelings are becoming clearer... I'm going to need some serious prompting to part with £2.49 for 4 songs - Especially when one of them is the same song that has been remixed 3 times - does anyone still dig remixes? You can get the title track for 50p though if you really want it HERE