Sunday, 16 May 2010

For Eyes - iiii

Tonight I was all set to go to bed early. I wasn't going to post on here at all if I'm honest. I was all worded out and needed some sleep. And then, as if by some evil magic, I happened to notice For Eyes had released their EP 'iiii'

'iiii' - as well as having one of the strangest names for an EP I've ever seen - is an odd affair. On first listen it takes you straight back to the mid to late nineties. And it sort of leaves you there wondering which band sounded like this first. Pretty soon though you realise it wasn't one band - it was about seventeen of them all fighting in your memory for your attention. A full-blown fist fight between every band you listened to for at least one Summer taking place in your brain. And that's not a bad thing - at all.

Of course there are some modern elements to this EP - and they too are thrown into the sack and shaken about a bit and the result is quite spectacular. My only complaint was that 3 songs wasn't enough.

You can download it yourself, for free HERE