Saturday, 15 May 2010

Apparently It's Almost Summer.

Summer, the hottest season of the year - and with the warmer weather comes the social occasions, the fleeting romances and those songs that you carry with you all the way through to when the days get shorter once more.

The soundtrack to your summer is so much more than just a collection of songs that you hear more than once. It's those songs that you remember long after the event. The music that's playing as you kiss her for the first time, the band that surprised you at a festival or the tune that stuck in your head and, because of your new addiction, will also stick in the head of those closest to you.

Apparently, it's almost Summer. So, here's what has done it for me so far. These are the bands that not only could be responsible for the best season of music ever but, given a listen, probably will be.

So, let's have some kind of list thing were I write some bands down, tell you a bit about them and you can play follow the links and indulge in some sun drenched musical goodness.

First up - P.J and Gaby, and the 7 slices of sublime folk-punk that make up their EP 'Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams' (available from their Myspace for the rather generous price of 2.99)

This EP sits somewhere between Bright Eyes and Against Me! (if you have half an idea in your head of what it sounds like from that description then you're wrong - apologies) it's acoustic, charming and yet resonates with the same passionate tones that you'd get from the brashest of punk albums. And they have a girl singing in a way that makes you instantly fall in love. Give the tracks on their Myspace a go and I promise your heart strings will be pulled in a way that's both comfortably familiar and brand new, too.
Next, Brighton based discordant art-punk from CAUTIONHORSES - They have 2 EP's available to purchase and a whopping 7 tracks to feed to your hungry ears on on their Myspace. You lucky people, you!

If you like your punk straightforward then you're missing out on what it can be - angular, punchy and clever. And that's the first 3 words I thought of - there are far more words to describe this band but if I were to write them all then you'd still be here reading them in November. This lot write the sort of music that musicians talk about at great length but once you get drawn into them - you're hooked for life. It's crack for your auditory canal - and who doesn't like crack? That's right, nobody.