Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mayday Madness! - Redux

I've been a bit slack in posting on here of late - but I'm here now so stop moaning.

So, Mayday came and went. And beer was drunk, a gig was played and a bunch of strangers were stranded in a bus stop for slightly longer than was comfortable. Luckily, everyone survived the ordeal and bits of it were ball-achingly funny so I'm not upset by it all.

So, the gig? Well, Dead Sails blistered through their set at a gazillion miles an hour leaving everyone slightly bewildered and craving more. Gawd love them - lovely chaps and when they sort out the singer (or lack thereof) you can expect good things from this lot.

Then came the Sterilizers - and I've heard nothing but praise for these guys ever since. Literally, people are still talking about them. And it was days ago now! Will they ever stop? Seriously though, fucking great band. That's about all I can say about them. Friendly, slightly off-kilter and great at what they do.

After that we had local leg-ends the Jelly Fiends and their own unique brand of noise. Good guys and good tunes and everyone dug their set. Can we ask for more? Yes, we can demand free stuff - but we won't.

And what could possibly top the evening off better than a dose of fast, shouty punk from the Jack Brews? These lads are destined for great things. Again, a friendly bunch in their own unique way - these guys play great tunes and they play hard as you like. We salute them!

We have some pics too - well, I say 'we' but the lovely Tina took them and was nice enough to let us steal them to show you. We really should invest in a photographer...