Friday, 11 March 2011

Wonk Unit -Trolleys Thank You / Wonk Unit Saved My Life

We had Wonk Unit come play an ICM/Choke On This show last year. It was a quiet gig and the first time I'd ever seen them live.

About two songs in and suddenly they stopped playing in order for frontman Alex to read a poem. It was a strange poem about sticking a frozen fish up your arse for money.

About two songs in I fell in love with Wonk Unit.

'Flying the Japanese Flag' quickly became the most played album in the history of my gaff. I was playing it two, three, twelve times a day but this entry isn't about that album - it's about the new one. The new one that arrived in the post a few days ago and is playing right now...

'Trolleys Thank You' or 'Wonk Unit Saved My Life' or indeed both is 16 tracks of a very familiar Wonk Unit and a brand new one too. Whilst this album isn't as instantly satisfying as the last one it does still deliver in the way that only a Wonk Unit album can.

As far as being a 'punk' band, Wonk Unit are very capable of sounding both classic and very new - with some songs even bordering on having a more indie sound at times. Overall there's far less aggression on this album than there was on the last, although, as a minor contradiction, there's a newly worked version of 'Los Angeles' that's far punchier than the original.

This album doesn't have the immediate impact of the last one but the songs feel far more crafted. Like a band that's less angry with what took them to the point of writing and more focussed on the future... And if the future brings us more Wonk Unit then there's one big reason to be less angry already.