Sunday, 13 March 2011

Free Stuff and Funny Stuff

A few bits for you this evening in case you were all bored and that.

First up, the good people at Dirtnap Records are giving away a free sampler to mark the occasion of their SXSW Showcase.

The sampler can be downloaded HERE and the track listing looks suspiciously like this:

1. High Tension Wires – Get Weird
2. Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More
3. White Wires – Be True To Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)
4. Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go
5. Bad Sports – Teenage Girls
6. Something Fierce – Afghani Sands
7. River City Tanlines – Black Knight
8. The Steve Adamyk Band – I’ll Take You Anywhere

Non-music related goodness for your faces this post include the satirical doodlings of one Mr. Simon J Sky.

Some of you may know him from Rash Decision. Some of you may know him from living down his road or stalking him or something. Some of you may know him as the writer/artist of 'Hipster Apocalypse' - a subtle blend of pictures of twats and those same twats meeting their demise in a series of comedic ways.

You can see every installment of 'Hipster Apocalypse' HERE