Saturday, 5 March 2011

New Noise 2.

We like Stick It Out. We like Stick It Out so much that we stuck it out (groan) on the ICM compilation.

We like Stick It Out. So much so that when we found out that the man behind one of our favourite acoustic tracks of last year (Dear Wife, Dear Kids - available on the ICM compilation volume 1) was in a new band we thought to ourselves 'we'd better have a listen'...

And listen we did.

Ego's At The Door are a long way from the acoustic calm of say, Stick It Out, but we like them too. Messy post-hardcore tinged punk with more musical changes per song than an entire episode of Glee (see, we can do pop-culture references too) combined with some of the best song titles we've seen for a long time ('WHY HECK... IF I GOT A FREE HOUSE AND A NICE CAR I'D TELL STORIES FOR A LIVING TOO' to name one for you) and you have yourself a band to keep an eye on.

You too can hear Ego's At The Door by going HERE.