Saturday, 5 March 2011

Catching Up... Part One.

So, we've been pretty busy here at the ICM and, as usual, I have fallen well behind with this blog.

So, here's me fixing that.

First up - we had an amazing show back on the 19th Feb (yes, I know, it really has been that long since I posted) In Remission, Shadow Factory, So Last Season and Mouth absolutely killed it and we were back on track with a good crowd.

Here's a couple of snaps as taken by the ICM's new resident photographer, Jo.

Shadow Factory - hailing from Bedfordshire I met this lot by chance at a gig in Leyton Buzzard. Friendly guys and a fantastic band. Check out their song 'With Eyes Open' HERE It's an epic tune.

In Remission, back with the ICM for the first time since the awesomeness that was the Halloween ZomBash. And were they on form? Oh yes.

Mouth are an angry band. Well, on stage they are at least. In real life these cats couldn't be sweeter if they tried. Musically they fit somewhere between the 80's and mid 90's but not in a way that dates them. They were the surprise of the night and I can't wait until the next time they make the journey all the way from Cornwall to play an ICM show again.

Sadly, our photographer, as lovely as she is, managed to arrive after the first band had played and, as such, we're lacking in photos of So Last Season. Needless to say, the lads were awesome. Pop-punk at it's very finest and made such an impression that they got offered a slot on our own label Side Effect Records as a result.

So, there's the first part of the catch up...