Sunday, 27 June 2010

Slack Much?

So, it's been too long since I posted on here - and in that time we've lost a gig and gained 3 including one at the Gaff on Holloway Road!

Oh yes - the ICM is at the Gaff my friends. June 30th for a bit of Jack Brews, Dead Sails, Delinquents and Loudmouth Eddi flavoured fun.

This is the flyer:

It's going to be a good night.

Next up, more gig news - July 23rd and 31st we'll be back at the Flag for more punk rock shenanigans. 23rd will see the return of ICM favourites Freedom Faction - oh yes! Whilst the 31st is the ICM/Monkeyboy split Charity Extravaganza!

If you think the name's a bit over the top then you obviously haven't seen quite how many acts we're sticking on in one night!


9 acts! I kid you not!

Get involved - it's for a bloody good cause.