Monday, 7 June 2010

Rash Decision - Temporary Worker (clause 4.1)

The Gallows may well be forever more the face of thrash punk thanks to timing, charisma and a hefty shove from Warner... But for me there is only one UK thrash punk band worth checking out right now and that is Rash Decision.

Their first release - available HERE - is a blistering collection of pure punk madness that will leave you sweating after just a couple of tracks. But, importantly, it never gets too much. Whereas some thrash - whether it be punk or metal - can begin to grind on you in an uncomfortable way (think an over-eager lap-dance with a stripper clad in a sandpaper thong) every track on this CD feels fresh, urgent and most of all fucking harsh. And what's more, it simply doesn't let up. There is no running out of steam for these guys - every song feels like all or nothing at all... And nothing at all is quite literally never an option.

Punk fans will love Rash Decision and I'll go out on a limb here and say metal fans will too. This isn't music to fall in love to - this is music is music to fall in love with... whilst repeatedly kicking something and gobbing on the floor. And we fucking love it.