Saturday, 17 April 2010

Live Music vs Live Art @ the Flag, Watford April 16th - Redux

So, we had a blast last night. The curse of the last minute band drop-out struck once more as Alt Track were forced to pull after their van broke down and we were sorry to lose them. But we soldiered on regardless and still had a great time with the other bands.

And what a lovely bunch of guys!

Three Summers Strong, As We Sink! and Wilson Fisk, we salute you! Amazing sets (despite the strange plague like symptoms of some of the lads) and amazing attitudes in a night riddled with odd occurrences (a PA that would not behave itself and having to fill the time with a band down) these guys showed their class and good humour all night and we're honoured to have brought them to Watford.

Thanks guys!

The Live Art went amazingly and the end result is something quite special. The picture will be one of the unique prizes in our raffle. And it's been signed by the artists as well as the lads from the three bands - We promised a prize that money can't buy and we've delivered!

Huge thanks to Kate (Clumsy) and Lydia (Lady Rinth) for donating this work of genius to our charity raffle.