Tuesday, 20 April 2010

ICM Charity Compilation CD!

Us here at ICM have been very busy of late. As well as pestering arty types for prizes for our raffle (and they're looking awesome!) we're now pestering bands to take part in our newest idea - the ICM charity compilation CD!

Oh yes... There will be a CD!

We've had some amazing responses from some of the bands eager to help out with this including: the Dissociates, the Blissetts, the Liabilities, Room 4 1 More, the Guzzards, Freedom Faction, Three Summers Strong, Wilson Fisk, the Sterilizers, Mash Attack, Dead Sails, the Jack Brews...

And we're expecting more!

It's going to an amazing compilation. You'll be able to buy it from any of our shows or from the ICM Myspace or off the bands who have copies of their own to sell.

We'll have a definite track listing for you all by mid-May :)