Thursday, 2 June 2011

Guest Review - Eagle Spits talks about 'Nowhere Fast' - The Punk 4 the Homeless Compilation

Punk 4 The Homeless compilation/ Nowhere Fast-on Stoneage Records. Free Download album.

This comp has many bands from different countries. It has some beautiful artwork and pictures and info on each band. It has taken over a year to put together which is why some bands who are great supporters of Punk 4 The Homeless aren’t on the compilation, probably the most obvious being Born To Destruct whos Sick Scum and Apathy would have been one of this writers first choices to request for the album. However apart from the naff throw away notes written by Eagle Spits at the start of punk 4 the homeless, This album is brilliant and is a brilliant example of how people can work together to help others, even if they have differing world views. IT IS ALSO FREE.

Wolfgang Lotz (Indonesia)- Digital Colinization

From Jakarta comes this scorching d’beat with rage against the machine collision. Brilliant almost talky vocals with shouty bits. Speedy political punk-sorted

Break The Cycle (USA)- Nobody

Punky “house of the rising sun” type thingygoing on, which turns into a touch of Grave Robber/Misfits horror punk, shouts a bit, changes again, remains splendid. All to get the listener to maintain aPositive Mental Attitude-good therapy.

The Duel (UK)- Camden Town

Beautifully sung/shouted female vocals with a solid mid paced punk rock band. Song about homeless folk and rich kids. Excellent chice for a punk 4 the homeless comp

Sharkbite (Indonesia)- Build Our Strength

Classic,nasty, shouty punk/hardcore, I think its political but then whats not, so safe bet. Full in your face, you better back down because its not

OIZ II MEN (UK)- I’m Fattest

How can a band which is so together sound so untogether. A band so tight sound so loose? That’s the oxymoronic brilliance of Oiz ii Men. I am biased, I love this band, but then I love em cuz they are damn good. Expected Oi? Tut tut, judging a book by its cover-shame on you.

The Culprits (UK)- Another Pretender

Full on punk 4 the punks punk rock, yeeesss-boy, girl vocal duel, raging hard, don’t look away it will smack you in the head.

About The Drunker (Indonesia) - Shit Song

This is a bloody racket.I love it. Its punk rock.Sounds like a hyperactive octopus in my pan cupboard.

Maximum Thrash (Indonesia)- That’s the way I choose and I’m gonna stay

Powerviolence, in your face, take no prisoners, Indonesian bands are masters of this style and Maximum Thrash are the daddy.

Tapa Nada (Indonesia)- Senyum Untuk Senyum

Very long some combining fast indonesian bits, talky bits,bad religion type bits, weird enough not to be considered punk if folk like myself and fungalpunk weren’t around, I reckon its great. Love the traditional Indonesian music bits. Beware it is a tad bizarre.

Wages Of Fear (USA)- Strings and Webs

Bizarre edgy vocals and music, think DRI on ketamine. Sometimes you have to adjust to anothers angles. Love it.

White Trash Debutantes (USA) - Hey Nick

One of the finest, more unusual bands I have come across since p4th began. In this song they share a lament for a deceased friend by celebrating his life. Wonderful, sensitive few minutes.

Lowlife Uk (UK) - Down In The City

Top notch slab of old skool punk/oi-get in the pit

SPOG (UK) - Tosser

A couple of minutes of sarcasm played quiuety and intellectually. Bizare to think that these guys got the tag, anarcho punk-crass it aint

100 Philistine Foreskins (UK) - Zekes Old Bones

Broad Scottish vocals with oddball tribal drumming and angular guitars, chuck in a few bits of spoken word nicked from a minor prophet and you get an amazing extremely non generic punk rock anthem, I think.

Struggle Victim (Indonesia) - I Try

Forceful, driving punk rock with almost lad back vocals-this unusual cocktail works, I will have another

Femau (Indonesia)- Politic Is Shit

Punk/hardcore with death metal vocals. Who would have thought…? Agree with the sentiments, the music agrees with me. One of my favourites on this comp.

Freedom Faction (UK) - Scream And Shout

Snotty, pissed off female vocals fronting an extremely tight mid paced punk rock band. Few do this type of thing better than Freedom Faction. This is a great song.

Step On The Rise (Indonesia)- Meraih Mimpi

This is a good song of its genre. Thnk Bad Religion and you wont go far wrong

Realitas (INDONESIA)- Injak

Twangy guitar bit at the beginning,then thrashy bit, returning to twangy bit. Take as prescribed by your doctor. It will make you feel better. Punk rock as we know and love it.

Peter 118 (UK) - Hebrews/Perfect King

No he hasn’t got his leather rock star trousers too tight, the intro is sampled. Sweet bubble gum pop punk. Extremely catchy, feel good factor 118. Splendid, I am dancing at this very moment.

Nowhere Fast is available for free HERE