Tuesday, 12 April 2011

ICM/Choke On This Presents: A Major Motion Picture plus support for Punk 4 the Homeless

So, April the 9th found us back at the LHT Urban Bar in Whitechapel for another Punk 4 the Homeless show. We do like the Urban Bar, for one it's a nice, intimate little venue and relatively easy to get to... Oh and it's painted up with tiger stripes - if there's anything in the world cooler than a venue painted to look like a giant tiger with windows then I don't know (or care) what it is.

First up were ICM regulars Saving Sebastian. A good set. They played well and it's always nice to see them. I won't say too much about them as we get them playing ICM a lot so let's move on to a band that broke their ICM cherry...

Public Disgrace are a 3 piece punk band from Cheshunt, I think, (if I was paying attention) and are well worth checking out live. Fast, fun and entertaining - every song was well crafted and punchy. I'd heard a track from them already (as they were kind enough to donate one to Punk 4 Japan) but it really did them no justice as they pulled out all the stops to keep everyone's attention. It may not have been a big crowd but all eyes (and ears) were on them as they flit between Ska, Punk and Thrash effortlessly. Great set and definitely one to watch. Expect to see them on an ICM bill again soon.

Last band of the night was a band I've loved for a while, A Major Motion Picture. This charity show was a stop on AMMP's tour and unfortunately lead singer Adam was showing signs of being on the road as he was a little hoarse at times but they still played an absolute blinder. Old tracks, brand new tracks and, most importantly, my favourite AMMP tune, 'You Ain't Got Nothing On Magic Fingers, Yo', left everyone chipper and wanting more. Am I biased? Probably, I love them. Does it matter? Nope, tis me writing it.

It may not have boasted the biggest crowd at a London show that night but the bands were great and everyone had a good time. I was lucky enough to meet some lovely people and had a good time - all for a great cause... Oh, and did I mention the venue is painted up like a tiger?