Monday, 28 March 2011

Ska Wars!

A long, long time ago (well, it was Friday night) in a Galaxy far, far away (that looked suspiciously like the Flag, Watford) a group of rebels thwarted an empire's worth of shit music by playing some amazing Ska Punk.

We were gutted to lose My Third Leg at the last minute due to work commitments although we will be seeing them in June with Tyrannosaurus Alan though (details HERE) so there's some good news. However, the line-up we ended up with was a corker!

First up we had Chaz and Tom (of Royal Flush fame) doing an acoustic set. Well, the kind of acoustic that needs plugging in but it was sort of acoustic. The kids were digging it, the beer was flowing and it was a good start to the night.

Next up was Truebeat and what a set! Playing Punk and Ska with a dash of Reggae thrown in for good measure these guys came and took the roof off.

Up next were The Milksnatchers, they've been on the scene for a fair old time now and we were privileged enough to have them come and play for us. Great guys, great tunes and a Hammond organ too! Top stuff.

And we were also lucky enough to have Sal in the audience filming a bit too. Here's some footage she shot of the lads (and lady) in action.

We thoroughly recommend you check out Sal's channel on Facebook HERE
Last band of the night, Watford's own Usual Players and it's hard to talk about them without being more biased than normal, for one thing they're a home town band and for another, me and Lewis (the front man) go way back. So, in order to keep this snappy and not too full of platitudes I'll just say that the lads did what they do best, they did it bloody well and we appreciate them doing it for us for a second time. Can't wait for the album!

And here's a video Sal did. Gawd love her.

So, that was Ska Wars! A great night, fantastic atmosphere and a good turn out for 4 acts that deserved it. Here's to the next one!

All the photos courtesy of Joho Photos - Find her HERE - Cheers Jo!