Sunday, 13 February 2011

Punk Under The Amber Rooms - Feb 11th.

The ICM broke new ground on Friday night... by getting a gig shut down! Yes, it's true, Punk Under the Amber Rooms had the plug pulled on it by the venue owners before it was done due to noise complaints. This is a first for us - it's always nice to do something new but having your last band of the night chucked off stage before they're done is shit.

Here's a few words about the night regardless.

The venue was small and the crowd few but the atmosphere was amazing and it felt more like a party than a gig.

Saving Sebastian played a blinder, tight as I've ever seen them and they seemed to be enjoying their time on stage far more than they have in recent outings. Everything about their set just worked.

Room 4 1 More had recently experienced a minor set-back in the drumming department that looked a great deal like their drummer had done one. There was something funny about the Room 4 1 More banner over the empty drum kit - as if it was a situation vacant ad. Still, troopers that they are they played an entire set without one. And whilst it may not have made for particularly comfortable listening at times it was still a great performance from the other 3.

Royal Flush were next, and with them came the debut of their new lead guitarist. Thickening their ska meets pop-punk sound up gave some familiar songs a new mature feel and at times the lead guitar played the role of brass section perfectly.

Finally, The Guzzards, and the travesty that was them only getting to play 4 songs before the venue pulled the plug on us... But the 4 songs were frantic and if the night had been allowed to continue then I'm not sure everyone would have survived... What with the low ceiling, human pyramid and circle pit... Who'd have thunk so few people could cause so much chaos?

So, yeah... Great night. Shame about the shit ending.

(All the photos were by Jo - cheers for that darlin'!)