Friday, 21 January 2011

So Long Gaff!

The Gaff on Holloway Road was a great venue. Intimate, friendly, quirky and very well run. We were lucky enough to do a couple of shows there last year. The staff were always amazing too from the management to the door staff too - a rarity in a good venue to be honest. And the sound was awesome as well. And they had an in-house back line...

I could sing the Gaff's praises all night.

Sadly though, today came the announcement that The Gaff is due to close this weekend. Apparently the lease has been bought up by Costa Coffee and that's it. Over. Finished.

All the scheduled gigs (bar a few casualties) are being moved to The Dome in Tufnell Park. Not quite the same really. The Dome was my least favourite venue for Ska Punk club night 'Sublime' back in the day.

I'm sorry to see another fantastic venue go. We were honoured to have put a couple of nights on there and we sincerely wish the guys and gals of the Gaff the best of luck.