Friday, 21 January 2011

2010 - A year in ICM

So, last year was a riot. We had 15 live shows and nearly 50 bands come play for us. Don't believe us? Check this list out:

Freedom Faction, Dissociates, Wilson Fisk, Small Team of Experts, Eastend Promises, The Jack Brews, Dead Sails, The Guzzards, Oiz II Men, Room 4 1 More, Tom Craven, Saving Sebastian, Royal Flush, A Major Motion Picture, Fallow Fields, The Liabilities, London, The Blissetts, Loudmouth Eddi, Skurvi, Three Summers Strong, As We Sink!, The Human Targets, Dodobones, Clinton Tavares, Rash Decision, The Sterilizers, Jelly Fiends, In Remission, Grace And Favour, Tranquil Fury, The Few That Remain, The Dilenquents, Embrace The City, The Ten O Sevens, UK Vomit, Usual Players, The Rom Rats, Wonk Unit, Steve White and the Protest Family, Ren Spits at Magpies... See?

We did gigs at The Flag in Watford, The Urban Bar in Whitechapel, The Gaff (RIP) on Holloway Road and From Dusk 'til Dawn over at Archway.

We worked with promoters such as Choke On This and Monkeyboy Promotions.

We brought out the ICM CD and did charity gigs for Action Aid and Punk 4 the Homeless as well as host the sickest Halloween show in town!

We've got some big things lined-up for this year so stay posted!