Wednesday, 10 November 2010

News! A Long Overdue Post...

So, it's been far too long since I updated this. We've been extremely busy what with gigs and getting the ICM compilation out but here's a round up of all that we could find for you this week.

The Ten O Sevens have a new 7" split out with The Hateful. Tracks are:

The Ten O Sevens side: TV.13, Kamikaze
The Hateful side: Inside My Head, City Sound

Available HERE for the great price of just 4 quid.

I can't tell you I've heard this yet because I haven't - I can tell you though that we had The Ten O Sevens play an ICM show a couple of months back and they were incredible. Loud, brash, snotty punk rock played fast and full of attitude.

Next up, the most highly anticipated release of the last decade is finally here! Oh yes, UK Vomit have finally brought an album out!

These lads are to poetry as Viz is to literature. You can expect songs featuring a seemingly never ending barrage of smut and you'll enjoy it, too.

The album is called 'Hooplass' and you can get it using Paypal to
for the very reasonable price of £6.50