Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Dissociates - Waiting For The Backlash

It's unusual for a release from an unsigned band to be one of those 'changed my life' moments. We've all had them - the first time you heard the Pixies for instance, for some it was the Clash and for an entire generation it was Nirvana. And at 27 you'd have thought I'd have had so many of those moments that they are forever dulled - and you'd have thought wrong.

I know this because of just 6 songs by North London lads - the Dissociates on their first EP - 'Waiting For The Backlash'.

To call the Dissociates a punk band is an injustice although it's easy to see why they get labelled as one. But people are too quick to dismiss punk as a genre thinking (wrongly) that it started and ended with the Sex Pistols. The truth is, punk is as varied a genre as any you'd like to choose (often times more so) and the Dissociates are a testament to this.

The EP is free and available HERE

This is the soundtrack for a generation of disenchanted Londoners - this is Punk for the 21st Century. Watch this lot because if there's any justice in the world they are going to be huge.