Monday, 29 March 2010

The First Posting!

So, this is the new, shiny ICM blog page. My name is Dan Impossible and this is where you can find out what we're up to.

Recently we had our first gig at the Flag in Watford. We had 3 amazing bands there and it was a top night! We should have some photo's soon but we're waiting for them - ever the pro's that we are, eh?

The bands we had down for the first show came from all over the place and we were bloody lucky to have them. Sadly we were a band down from the off as the Extinguishers had some kind of double-booking thing and couldn't make it. But, we soldiered on and it was a good time!

First up was the Dissociates, lovely bunch of guys playing some amazing post-punk. They come from North London and if you get the chance, go see them. Their song writing ability is just incredible and they are a great band to watch as well. You can hear them on their Myspace, here:

Next was Freedom Faction - - And a nicer bunch we couldn't have hoped for. Fronted by the spectacularly lovely Rhianna, these guys are amazing. They came all the way from Cambridge, were the friendliest, most helpful guys we could have hoped for and played an incredible set. Special thank you here to Nick :)

I cannot recommend their 2 CD's highly enough either. And they are a bargain! They're available from their Myspace page.

Last band of the night - the Liabilities. And just when you were thinking Cambridge was a long way to come, these lads came from Bognor! And a man down too! These guys played fast and loud... So loud in fact they blew one of our speakers 2 songs in and nobody even noticed! Check them out here:

So, yeah, that was our first gig night. I'd like to thank Simon for sorting the PA and the sound, Violet and Scott for sitting on the door all night and Nicola for doing the flyer. Cheers guys!